Product Review: Harry Potter RINGS

Product: accessories

Price: 1 ring= 0,38$  (free shipping)

Link: Glasses+ Lightning ONLY

Glasses+ Lightning+ Deathly Hallows


I purchased these 2 rings from Aliexpress around a month ago, and I completely love them.

There is not really much to say, well they are just simple rings. Still, they really good for their price.

I only wear them when I’m going out, that’s why their colour.  However, if you’re the kind of girl who wears a ring and forgets to remove it when she’s home (wash with water and soap while you have it on) then it won’t stay pretty for so long.

Tip and trick: cover it with clear nail polish so that it becomes water proof 🙂


The glasses and scar ring is resizable, but I advise you to resize it once based on the size of one of your fingers, and keep it like that. Because its centre is thin; as a result, if you keep making it smaller and bigger it might break.

The second ring (glasses+scarr+deathly hallows) is non-resizable and a bit small. So, if you do not have really thin fingers. It won’t go all the way down your finger (except for the little finger). I like it that way, though.

For those of you who prefer gold or white (the metal of mine is black), they are also available in those colours.

hp          hp2







If for any causes, you can’t find the rings with free shipping. Here’s how to look for them (I used Aliexpress app, but it’s the same with the website).


1- Type: Glasses and lightning scar (not harry potter rings -well you could, but you’ll get different prices not 0,38$)

2- Price: from low to high (so that even if you can’t get the 0,38$ ones, you can find other cheap ones) ps: make sure to check out the reviews so that you can make sure that the seller can be trusted. To be honest, Aliexpress sellers always send me my stuff no matter how small they are, but it is always better to choose the best sellers.

3- set your country.

4- Make sure FREE SHIPPING is active.

5- Search for the product.


I guess this is all for today’s post.

Tell me what kind of Harry Potter themed stuff you own. Leave a link to them in a comment.

Take care and read books 🙂

Ines x



5 thoughts on “Product Review: Harry Potter RINGS

  1. oh I love it. I think my sister got one similar to the deathly hallow and the glasses together from amazon and they look amazing. But it’s always great to see what other people find 🙂 great post 🙂
    I own quite a bit of harry potter staff. like loads of funkos (not even ashamed) hufflepuff scarf – my house – hufflepuff pocket watch, time turner necklace and potions my sister hand made for me 😀 So yeah quite a bit xD 😀 Any other HP stuff you own im being nosy now ? 😀

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