Am I truly reading when I am not reading classics? 

As I started reading two years ago, I was super excited and thinking about the day I’ll be able to call myself a reader. Around 70 books after Third Girl by Agatha Christie, my very first read in English” and I still don’t know when I’ll become this reader I have in mind. 

Now, a new year, new poroblems. When will I ever be able to read classics? 

I read many posts, written by native speakers of English who still struggle with classics. The question is: have you ever felt bad for not reading classics? Have you ever felt that you’re not really reading if you don’t read classics? 

The main rule of the reading community is IF IT’S FUN, AND YOU ENJOY IT, THEN READ IT. IF NOT, DROP IT. And I have truly enjoyed every single book I read since 2015. I have also learnt so much. However, I am a bit under pressure, I want to start loving classics. Mainly because I’ll probably chose Civilisation and Literature as a major next year. I can’t read one book when it’s for class ( also means it’s homework). What will I do when I have to read 5 books as homework? 

Maybe many people consider classics as a better way to learn because through those books we learn history. Plus, the language is a bit different and more challenging. While, because we’re living in the “present” we do not really need to learn much about it: we’re living it! 

I unfortunetly cannot take any other classes (contemporary writing or whatever you call it in the UK and USA) because English is a foreign language in Algeria. We study it to become translators (this if we get the chance to major in translation) or we major in TEFL or something similar to become a teacher. Otherwise, we can go with linguistics and similar branches or with litreature and civilisation and similar branches. From all those choices, I’d rather go with Civ Lit, but will I ever be able to read when I’m forced? 

The solution is: I either learn to love classics or do something else (yes, I know what I want about that something else but it might be a bit hard to get); as a result, I really need to consider studying Civilisation and literature as a primary choice. 

What to do?! 


5 thoughts on “Am I truly reading when I am not reading classics? 

  1. Every once in a while I feel bad when I don’t read classics. Like I should be someone who does, my friends do. But then I remember that reading is a hobby. If I want to read the things I enjoy, then I should!

  2. i love classics especially edgar allan poe’s poems but sometimes i had that feeling that i just don’t wanna read them it happened with jane’s persuasion which i had for years but whenever i opened the book i barely read two, three lines then drop it. i finally found the solution i searched every persuasion audiobook till i found an appealing one that changed that feeling i had and i found the book quite attractive.
    personally reading is not just about classic so don’t feel pressured about it, as long you are enjoying it and learning new things. but if you really want to read classic i suggest you take it as a challenge to learn and have fun not because you have to read them. try and find a story, writer, genre, anything that you find appealing regardless of those famous or the homework ones, and probably with their audiobooks. reading few lines a day, you don’t even have to read the whole book even parts, may help you for a start until you get used to it. and if you didn’t like it, give it up and look for another; penguin usually have notes that can help you understand it more. another way that may help is recording what you read and even share it with friends if you want (esp if you are working on your accent or have it as a hobby).

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