New Year’s Blogging resolutions 2.0 

I have already written a New Year’s blogging Resolutions. But since I was not blogging that much before writing it, I wasn’t really in a blogging mood. I did not know exactly what to plan for 2017.

Then I started working on this blog again for the past four days ,and now I know exactly what I want (in addition to the last 3 resolutions)

Reading challenge: I do not think I will join the Goodreads challenge this year. It helped me a lot last year to know what kind of reader I am. You can read a bit about it in How to Read More Books? I think I will just track the number of books I read by writing blog posts about them. I deleted my social media accounts a couple of weeks ago in a moment of anger !!! now I have a new , Goodreads but it’s super boring. And I do not know if I have the time and energy to start it all over again. I will copy and paste my reviews to Goodreads, and then see how it works.


Start a new Bookstagram: my last instagram that I had since 2014 with more than 1,5k followers won’t log again. I deactivated it for a break but I guess Instagram deleted it 😞 it wasn’t really a bookstagram since it had different kind of pictures. Still, I miss how it was active. I mean I do not care about the likes, I just hate that I get 1 notification per day: I used to interact with small bookstagramers all the time, tagged by crazy friends in different funny pictures, DMed by people. However, now my account is dead 💀 if you want to follow me, look for @ines_ninous95 I will follow back.


Read the world: I have found this tag a couple of months ago on YouTube, I thought it was super cool, but I did not seriously think of doing it. Since I am not going to do the Goodreads challenge, maybe I’ll do this one.


Get WordPress besties: I did not use to check much posts on WP. I started commenting on a few posts and I have noticed that many blogger keep constantly checking eachother’s blogs and commenting on them all the time. I felt out of place and a bit jealous since those bloggers seemed like super best friends. Having a huge community on facebook, I know that it’s super fun talking to other book lovers. I would love to do it also with bloggers. If you want to become my WP BFF please let me know in a comment, we can add each other on Facebook. I bet it will be a lot of fun.


Read some classics: reading other bloggers’ resolution posts, I noticed that even those who used to read since they were in there mothers’ wombs still straggle with reading classics. I am not a native speaker of English, so it will be double work for me. However, I am willing to try.


Read paperbacks: I have around 35 books and short stories but I have been super lazy and did not read most of them. Reading on my iPad is so much faster and easier, but I am not downloading any books till I read 90% of the books I own.


Read Non Fiction: I read fiction to escape reality, but sometimes I feel like I am out of this planet. Sometimes I even feel guilty about reading too much fiction. Any Non Fiction suggestions? Plus, I am a loser who knows nothing about history, I hated the subject back in middle and secondary school. But I regret so much not focusing in class. twj6ix2kjxloq

Participate in some tags: I do not really know how these things work. I have seen bloggers doing tags, I have even been tagged (I guess) once. I was super excited at the beginning, but then because of some network connection problems, I kept delaying writing the post…. Then I have never done it 😞I guess that’s all for now. If I ever find new things to do, I will write another post. If you can help me with any of those resolutions, I’d be super happy and thankful.


5000 monthly visitors challenge: I started this blog for the mere fun of blogging, writing and expressing my thoughts about books that I read. Later on I discovered that some bloggers get paperback ARCs to review. I thought that was super cool, so I made some research. I knew that since I live in Algeria and the shipping can cost too much for publishers, not to be the dreamer I am and live in the fantasy that one day I will have Christine’s book shelves (the booktuber from PolandbananasBOOKS, I convinced myself that it was pretty impossible (I will contact some people though, once my blog reaches the traffic they want). I knew that getting 5000 visitor every month is step one to  get accepted to review books. Again, I know it would be super hard, and my main goal by blogging is not getting free books. However, I will do it as a challenge. Let’s wait and see when will I get these 5000 visitors. Hopefully it will happen in 2017.


Till my next post (it may be a HARRY POTTER RINGS REVIEW in my new series PRODUCT REVIEWS. Check my very first post in this series to know what I am talking about).

Till then, take care and read books

Ines x

(While I was writing this post, I got invited to do a tag. That’s crazy, right? Thanks a lot to @Diana Prince Reviews)


13 thoughts on “ New Year’s Blogging resolutions 2.0 

  1. Good luck with your Resolutions 2.0. They don’t sound too bad so hopefully you’ll get there.

    I’m afraid I can’t help much with the non fiction goal as I hardly ever read non fiction but you can feel free to check my blog for any tags. I’m really bad at doing them so there aren’t many but I usually just tag everyone who wants to do them. If you want to get more involved in the community there are a few weekly memes that are really good. I always do Teaser Tuesday (which basically involves posting a couple of sentences from whatever you’re reading) and WWW Wednesday which is a weekly round up of books read, reading and planning to read. You usually find the same people participate each week and you’ll get to know a lot more bloggers 🙂

  2. These are great resolutions!

    I wouldn’t be so jealous about WP BFFs – you can be one so easily. Take five or ten minutes every few days to read a few posts on your reader and you will find those connections effortlessly.

    As for nonfiction, I really enjoyed Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, although if you like your nonfiction to read like fiction, I would highly recommend picking up some autobiographies or memoirs. (Troublemaker by Leah Remini is a good one regarding her life and experiences with the religion of Scientology)

    I wish you the best and hang in there! Time and patience will ensure your goals are met 🙂

  3. woop woop these are amazing resolutions! good luck with your challenge!
    and i feel the same way about how i’m now involved enough on the WP book bloggers community. maybe we could be… bookish buddies?

  4. Thanks 🙂 good luck to you too 🙂
    Yes, yes, yeees!!! (Getting excited here) we can.
    As soon as I log in from my PC I’ll check all your posts to get to know the blogger and reader YOU a bit better 🙂

  5. Good luck with your resolution 🙂 I enjoy reading other people’s blogs especially if it is about books 🙂
    I totally get you, as I am a new blogger myself, but I’m sure if we take the time you can achieve all of your goals set in here 😀
    If you like I would love to be bookish buddies, I followed you on ig as well, don’t worry about following back if you don’t like my feed it is okay 😀
    good luck with your resolution 😀

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