Bookish product review: mini clip lamp

As I have mentioned in my previous post: New Year’s Blogging Resolutions. I will be writing about products that I have bought and used and helped me with my reading journey.

My first product is going to be: Reading lamp that I got from Aliexpress.

Link: click here to see it on Aliexpress

Price: 0,67$ (free shipping)

Rate: ❤️❤️❤️❤️💔


(ps: if the shipping on the link I gave you is not free for your country. Then filter the results. The prices might not be the same, but it’s just a difference of a few cents)

This lamp is amazing for reading books at night. It also helped me a lot when doing my homework on PC while my little sister is sleeping (we share a room). It can be used in many ways: clipping it to your book or screen, even maybe sticking it above your bed like I did 😀90c0ed7c-1bf3-4afa-bc60-57a505a28334fc534692-dd73-4c09-bedd-47e1b183c47b

The product is a bit fragile, but it comes well wrapped up in bubble wrap. I got two, the first one worked well for a period of time but then something happened to the wire. It turns on and off sometimes and the light is not as it was.The second one that I got is just amazing. I think even as completely new, it was better than the first one. As a result, I am sure that it will last longer (if I take good care of it). 

Anyways, based on the price, I wouldn’t mind getting a new one every couple of months. The whole thing is basically cheaper than the 3 batteries that it contains.

I guess many of you use a bedside lamp to read at night. But if you don’t, tell me (or show me) what you use. Maybe I’ll get one like yours.

My next post maybe a tutorial about eye shadow look inspired from some Colleen Hoover book. Please tell me in a comment whether you think it is interesting or not. If yes, tell me which cover should I get my inspired from.

Till then, take care and read books.

Ines x


6 thoughts on “Bookish product review: mini clip lamp

  1. Cute lamp! My friend has one of those, and I can agree that they’re really helpful. I just use a flashlight to read honestly, although I used to use book light until the battery went dead. I should really buy one of these in replacement, thanks! ♥

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