How to get rid of a reading slump

The biggest fear of a book lover can be expressed in two words: READING SLUMP.

It is a weird phenomenon that I am pretty sure scientists still have not found a logical explanation to.  If you’re like me, then you probably have those days when you devour books and days when you suffer of “reading anorexia” for no specific reason! You just no longer can focus on reading; a problem that can cause a panic attack to many of us. As I have already mentioned, scientists did not even find an explanation to this problem; as a result, finding a remedy is far from happening. While waiting for someone to make pills that can help us get rid of our reading slumps, we can simply stick to this list of advice that I put up together and seem to work pretty well for me.

First, don’t you ever force yourself to read during a slump. I tried to do that once and I ended up hating every book I open and deleting them from my iBook library.

Second, try to organize your books. Putting some order to your bookshelf can help lot with your reading anorexia. Because, while doing so you might come across some highlighted passages that you loved reading once, rereading them can turn into rereading the whole book.  Once finished you’d need a second book, then a third then hopefully a ninety ninth.

Unless you encounter another reading slump, then you should try this third advice: Watch book-talks on Youtube, check some bookstagrams, or look up for new published books on Goodreads. While doing so, you might find a book that can put you back into your reading mood. If not, then that’s okay. Just add the titles that interested you to your TBR and move on to the fourth point which is visiting the local book store. With not much reading done, free time is all what a book lover has. While at it, you can go check what books have been added to the bookstore’s shelves; maybe buy a few that you’ve always wanted to get but never had the chance to do so because you were so busy living in some fictional universe.

Being surrounded by books can help you get rid of your reading slump. If you like to write book reviews, but you do not really have the time to while you’re finishing one book and immediately starting another one, then writing the reviews that you’ve been planning to write can be a very good activity to do when you’re in a reading slump. Also, reading other people’s thoughts about a certain book you read can be very helpful to get those “exciting moments” that you get while you reading it back, those feelings may turn into a need to read a new book.

A reader is usually isolated from the rest of the world while reading some book. So, a reading slump can be a good time to socialize. And what is better than making new friendships with book-lovers and discussing books with them?

So, that’s it, talk about books that you have already read with people who have read them and want to talk about them. If all of what I have already mentioned did not work for you, then you’re probably a desperate case…

Okay, I am just kidding there is a last thing to try. This last step can last for a while, but there is no way you’re not getting rid of your reading slump after it: just relax and do things that you could not do while you were busy falling in love with some fictional character. Watch some movies or series, work out, try new hobbies… I am sure that soon after that you’ll start missing reading.

Also, not paying your internet subscription for a while can be very helpful. Social media usually take a lot of my time. So, when there is no Instagram and Facebook I get pretty bored and I get back to reading. I have noticed that after a reading slump, I tend to get so eager to read that I might devour like a dozen of new books (till the next slump :p).

I hope that my pieces of advice can help some of you to get over “readers’ hard time”. If you have any good tips and tricks that you’d like to tell me about, please do so, I will be super happy to know about them. Leave them in a comment bellow, or get in touch with me on Facebook.

Thanks for reading my post, take care and read books.

Ines x


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