How to start with reading books

How can I start reading books?
The first question that someone who wants to start reading ask himself/herself.
But unfortunately it is not as easy as it appears to be, because starting with the wrong book might make you hate reading and give up. So, how can I choose my first book?
If you asked yourself this question quite a little time now, you are probably now a bookworm in love with some fictional character.
However, if you have just asked yourself this question, then you are already on the right track. It also means that you have the WILL to read, which is the key to enter the world of book lovers.
To answer that question you need to have a conversation with yourself (just a little piece of advice: do not talk to yourself aloud, because your family members would think that you are crazy. Trust me, enjoy the little time you still have as a sane person, because you will soon be crying over some fictional character. At that moment, there will be no turning back. You will forever have “insane” tattooed on your forehead. You won’t see it but everyone else will.
OMG, did I scare you? Wait, wait, do not close this web page. Reading is amazing, it worths it. Do not go 😢)
For those brave people who decided to keep reading , here is how to find the answer:
o Think of what genre you would enjoy reading: romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery… (google these terms if you are not really sure what they exactly mean)
If you still cannot decide, then think of:
o The movies you like to watch.
You will be astonished by the number of movies that were originally books. In other words, if you like:
-Harry Potter then you will enjoy fantasy books, I also advise you to read the Harry Potter books. The movies are great, but the books are more detailed.
-The Fault in our Stars: then YA (young adult) romance is the right genre for you. You can read the book (yes! The Fault in our Stars was written by John Green). I also recommend for you Me Before you by Jojo Moyes and Confess by Colleen Hoover.
-The Hunger Games and The maze runner are two of your favourite movies? Then science fiction, dystopia will be your thing. Try to read the series of books, or read Delirium by Lauren Oliver And Pivot point by kasie West
-Do you enjoy watching Sherlock Holmes movies? Then try the books. Agatha Christie’s books will work just perfect for you. Here the genre is Mystery.
-NCIS, CSI, Hawaï 5.0, Resoly and Isles… Are some series that you love watching. Then mystery, thriller were made for you. I do not have titles of books that were written from the point of view of a police officer or a member of the FBI. But, everyone have been talking about Gone Girl and The Girl on the train (written from the point of view of NOT A POLICE OFFICER ). I have not read them but they seem to be good thrillers. (I am currently reading The Husband by Dean Koontz and it is great).
-If you enjoy horror films, then I am the wrong person to ask. I have ZERO knowledge in both the movies and books departments. Here you are on your own.
I am sure that the last sentence have made you think: where can I find titles of books that I would enjoy reading? The answer is social media and books apps:
o GOODREADS: this is like wikipedia of books, facebook of book lovers, it is THE book community. You can find any book title you are looking for, read the synopsis, and check what people say about it. It also lists the best books of the year, the most read of the week, month and year. It suggests books to you depending on what you like and what you have read (after you start being a bit active on the website). And it also lists some random suggestions of books by genre which can be very useful once you have understood the answer to the first question.
For more details, youtube should be your best friend from now on. Here is a video that explains every thing about Goodreads. Speaking of youtube
o YOUTUBE: I do not need to explain what is youtube for you. But have you known that it contains other videos than 20 funny kittens for cat lovers, Rihanna’s music, and some Disney series. Well, it can be heaven for a book lover if he/she knows what to look for. There are plenty of people (booktubers) who post videos talking about a book or several books that they have read. They give a summary of the story and their opinion. Those videos are amazing because:
1- You do not have to read long articles about the book, its author, the publishing house… On google or Wiki.
2- When the reader is talking so dramatically (book lovers are dramatic), you kind of get excited to know more about the book. Therefore, you read it.
3- You do not have to watch them, just play the video and do something else like clean up your room. When you finish cleaning, you just sit, download the book, and then read it. No need to spend the whole afternoon looking for a book that you’d like to read, because you did it in the morning while cleaning up🤓🎉👌
4- If you are not a native speaker of English (like me), then videos made by native speakers of English can teach you a lot. They also help you acquire better listening skills.
o INSTAGRAM: I particularly prefer this social media platform. By typing any hashtag that comes into your mind, thousands of pictures pop up on your screen. Try #Bookstagram and you will see what I mean. And seeing pictures is 10 better than reading a long post on Facebook or a tweet on twitter. Plus, you can comment on the picture and ask about the book, you do not have to have the person on your friends’ (rather, followers) list to be able to comment on his/her pictures.
Facebook is also great for its pages, but most of them do not reply to messages and comments (it drives me crazy); and I am sure that if you are a big user of Twitter you will be able to find a lot of book lovers there. But,since I am not active there I do not have many tips to give you. Anyways, choose the social media platform that you prefer and look for people, pages, or groups with the theme of BOOKS.
o Blogs: there are plenty of blogs about books out there, if you are already a blogger (fashion, technology, entertainment), or are used to subscribe to blogs; then you know how it works. Just look for those with the theme of BOOKS. If you have never been in the blogging community, it can be a bit more confusing for you. I will soon write a blog post about that, because I need to explain a few things. Meanwhile, stick to Youtube and social media; they are great.
o LIBRARIES and BOOKSTORES: if you live in a place where there are many libraries and bookstores, then I advise you to go there from a time to another and check out what kind of books they have. You can find people buying books, they will certainly suggest a few titles. you can ask the librarian or the seller what people of your age usually borrow or buy. However, if you live in a place were reading is not a very common hobby; your phone, tablet, and PC should from now on be your best friends when it comes to reading and finding books.
Now I can tell you welcome to the book community. Hopefully, my post will be helpful, and it won’t take you a long time to spot a first book to thumb through after reading My tips.
For more pieces of advice, and to know how you can go from 0 book to more than 18 per year (the average number of books that an american reads every year) Click here

I really wish to see what is your first book choice. So, you can either come back here and comment.
Contact me on Goodreads
Inbox me on facebook (just say that the message is for admin Ines, if another admin replies to your message)
Or DM me on Instagram: @ines_dreamer95
Take care.
-Ines 🙅😘🙅😘


7 thoughts on “How to start with reading books

  1. Great post. For any would be horror readers I’d recommend The Girl with all the Gifts. Reminded me of the Walking Dead. For new readers I’d also suggest not forcing yourself to finish a book. Give it a decent shot and if it’s not working chuck it and try something else 🙂 Thankfully I’ve always been a reader so I’ve never had the dilemma of what to read…I will pretty much read everything.

  2. Yes, no one has to read what they do not like.
    They just have to not quit from the very first pages.
    Read a couple of chapters. Sometimes the story changes and it becomes wonderful.
    Thank you for your suggestion.

  3. I’m positive the reason a lot of people don’t like to read is that they were forced to read books they hated at school. I’m only just now, about 20 years later, coming back to the classics

  4. I’m very encouraged by your post! We need to get more people reading! I’m ashamed at our declining literacy rate in the US. People no longer have patience for books with the constant stimuli surrounding them.
    I went on a book hiatus for years: I read a lot when I was younger, went through my “partying” phase, and have now settled down and read A LOT. I am at 141 for the year. I’ve slowed down because of school starting again.
    I am going to school to be a high school English teacher. I think the key is in YA books and contemporary literature. Students are tired of Shakespeare’s plays, though he was a genius. We need to get kids to read what they like, and then transition them into classics. But throwing mandatory “classic” literature at non-readers is like shouting at a wall: nothing is going to get through.
    So thank you for your post. I hope others pick up a book and get lost in the pages! 👏👏👏👏👏

  5. I totally agree with you. I am a student of English, until a couple of years ago, I had never read a book in English before (I did not read much in neither my native nor my second language), and when the teacher assigned some classic short stories, I found them really hard and did not even read them. But after I tried YA I fell in love with reading. Now, I kind of understand books better, and I am willing to try new genres 🙂

  6. Good! That’s the best use of YA and I’m passionate about using it that way! I’m so glad it got you into reading!!
    That kind of thing makes me happy…I may have to quote that in my academic paper about using YA in the classroom.

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