My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga Book Review

My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga Book Review.

My Heart and Other Black Holes?! 

This novel tells the story of Aysel (Uh-zell) Seran. A 16 year old girl who suffers from depression and has suicidal thoughts. Since her father had killed a teenager who used to go to her school, Aysel has started to sink in a world of darkness and sadness, thinking that maybe one day she would turn out to be just like him. To solve this problem, she found one  solution: she will never live till that day. No matter how many times she tried to think of the fastest and easiest way to end her life, she was never sure about it. Moreover, she was never sure of being that brave; she simply could not do it alone. So, she started checking this website that allows people to find suicide partners, with whom they could plan the way to end their lives. It was not very long till a publication popped up on her computer screen;  Frozenrobot was the one: a teenager living near and wants to do it in less than a month. Together they make a perfect suicide squad ( This was never mentioned in the book, I just want to act cool and use the famous movie title since everyone has been talking about it). Will they do it, how, and where? To know the answers, you will have to read My Heart and Other Black Holes. 

My thoughts about this book

The topic it discusses is very serious and important, but I did not like the story . There are no bad books, it is just that you are either able to connect with the characters or not. I really wanted to understand what were both Roman and Aysel going through, but unfortunately I could not. Even though I do not believe that suicide can ever be a solution to any kind of problem, but during reading this YA novel I have not for once tried to judge the characters: I have never been in their situations, so I do not really think that I have the right to open my mouth and say anything.

Anyways, there was one thing that I really liked: at the end of the book the author mentioned some places that people who feel what the main characters of My Heart and Other Black Holes felt could call or visit. And, I really hope from the bottom of my heart that this book would be able to help many people who are sad and hopeless.

Like they say: “No two people ever read the same book.” not because I am not giving that good of a feedback, that means this book is not good and I am not recommending it. Especially, those who liked All the Bright Places, I think you will like Jasmine Warga’s book; those who enjoy YA, you might also enjoy reading this novel; and those who have a friend or a family member who is suffering from depresion, MHAOBH might help you with understanding their situation, and maybe help them to find a little light somewhere despite the darkness they are living in.

The following part might contain spoilers, those who did not read My Heart and Other Black Holes might prefer to stop reading. Do not forget to come back and leave a comment if you ever read it 😃 take care 😘

So, why have I not Liked this novel? 

I usually enjoy YA, but when it comes to themes like suicide or divorce I always try to find some psychological explanation between the lines. I guess for that I wil have to read some books that are written for an older audience, but books with mature and adult characters can be a bit boring sometimes 😢 haa, I bet you can see that I am not that mature either, I just like to use “forever young” as an excuse 😉

“The LOVE between two teenagers saved them” is so not new, maybe I would have enjoyed the story more if the two characters were just friends. Maybe if Roman was also a girl. I do not really know, this story felt like a deja vus, cheasy, cliché kind of story to me.

I guess I do not have anything else to add. I will just tell you: thank you for reading my review, please leave a comment if you have already read My Heart and Other Black Holes. I would really like to know what you thought of it. Take care and read books. 😘🤓


3 thoughts on “My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga Book Review

  1. I don’t know: just because falling in love might be cliché, it seems like it saved the characters’ lives. That sounds pretty good to me. Sometimes we just need to find a person that can bring out the good in us.
    I was in a dark place for awhile until I met my first real boyfriend. And though he wasn’t “the one,” or have I found “the one,” I feel like people we meet throughout our lives tend to give us strength when we need it most. One boy was my guardian angel until he killed himself in 2006, and I miss him every day. I wish my love could save him: but one thing is certain…you can’t rely on love from another only; you must love yourself too. That’s what he lacked…he did not not ever did love himself.
    So the end might be cliché, but I’m glad your characters found each other during a rough time in their lives! (Listen to me, talking about them like they’re real, lol!!)

  2. Too bad you didn’t enjoy the book! Although the content itself doesn’t sound great, I’m in love with the title and cover! Yeah I’m that type of person who doesn’t stand by the rule ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ hahaha

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