The Witch’s Curse by Megan Linski Review

Mini Novella Review <The Witch’s Curse by Megan Linski>

What can I say?

Megan Linski, please write a freaking The Witch’s Curse series. 5 chapters are not enough for me.

This is my very first time reading a mini-novella and I can tell you that it is a torture, especially if the story is as good as The Witch’s Curse. It is like watching a very exciting movie trailer while you know that the movie will never be on Tv or anywhere else (do not even think about Netflex). Nevertheless, I have enjoyed reading it. I think it would be perfect for someone who wants a quick read in the afternoon, or someone taking the bus somewhere not that far…

I cannot write a summary for this mini-novella; it is already short. But, I can tell you that it is about a young witch with the name of Briar. She witnessed the murder of a girl (another witch) by some witch hunters. She was about to become a second victim to those monsters if Thomas (her boyfriend) has not appeared and shifted into a dragon in the perfect timing. Saved from the witch hunters, Briar decides to save her town and make sure that no one would encounter a similar fate of that girl’s she found dead in the woods. How is she going to do that? You need to read the mini-novella. This is a spoiler free review, do not expect answers from me.

I have not read many fantasy stories, but I am sure those who like this genre would enjoy this mini-novella. Fans of A Court of Thornes and Roses would have the same reaction as me: Megan Linski, we want to know more.

What do I want to know more about?

The history of the the town (Thorny Brook).

The time they are living in. 

Why did wizards and witches decide to reveal their true identity to the human world?

Males can shift into animals or methological creatures while females have magical powers, right?

Who are Briar and Thomas? I want to know the personalities, past and maybe future of these two characters.

What did I like about The Witch’s Curse?  (Check out the comments, Megan Linski herself answered my questions 😃)

I enjoyed the whole story, but there were a few details that has drown my attention and made the whole thing even better.

The strong female lead.

The spells that are like songs or poetry (I do not know, they rhyme and I  have just enjoyed reading them out loud.)

Talking animals, it reminded me of animals in disney movies. By the way, the stallion who took Briar and Thomas home, was just a talking stallion or a man who could shift into a stallion and take adventage of his second shape to make a living (by taking people to the distinations they want to go to)?

What Did I not like that much? 

Just the cover: I have a problem with covers that show FACES. The dragons in the back are perfect; I would have love d to see a mixture of Purple and white (the colours of Briar’s powers), a cauldron, the witch hunters’ masks… Too bad I am not that good with designs and photoshop, or I would have made a personals cover just for me 😊

( NEW INFORMATION: Megan Linski wrote the mini novella based on the cover, the gorl on the cover inspired her and she wrote a story about her, you can say that she gave her a life. OMG, now I freaking love the cover. )

Make sure to come back and tell me what you think of Megan Linski’s mini-novella if you read it. It is always a pleasure to read comments and fangirl about books.

A big thank you to Instafeebie for providing me with an e-copy of The Witch’s Curse. 


7 thoughts on “The Witch’s Curse by Megan Linski Review

  1. It’s interesting that you don’t like books with people on the cover…you’re not the only one I’ve heard say that. I don’t mind, usually, unless the person on the cover looks completely different than the person described in the book: that’s a pet peeve of mine! If a girl in a story has blue eyes and blonde hair, don’t put a brunette on the cover, you know? That’s what I hate. But just people don’t bother me…but it bothers a lot of readers I know, so you’re not alone in feeling that way!
    Great review! Sorry it was so short! I hate reading books less than 200 pages…it’s too fast-paced for me! Novellas drive me crazy because so much more can be written, you know? 😉

  2. Thank you for reading my mini-novella! I appreciate the time you took to read and review my book ❤

    Anybody who would like a FREE COPY of The Witch's Curse can check it out on, or they can order my permafree FULL LENGTH YA romance, Kingdom From Ashes, on Amazon as well. I'm releasing my first ever dystopian fantasy next week, Rhodi's Light, and I can't tell you how excited I am!

    Anyway, I'm here to address some of your questions… 🙂

    – The history of the the town (Thorny Brook).

    Thorny Brook was started by a small community of witches and wizards who sought sanctuary after facing persecution in the other villages they lived in, around 100 years before Briar was born. It was a haven for magical creatures long before the witches decided to reveal themselves, although humans lived among them unawares in the town for decades before.

    – The time they are living in.

    Thorny Brook exists in an alternate universe that is similar to ours. The time period of this book would be around the turn-of-the-century, early 1900s in our world, with a few more technological advancements.

    – Why did wizards and witches decide to reveal their true identity to the human world?

    The magical community was at a point where they would either have to reveal who they were, or be forced to start killing off humans in order to contain the secret of their abilities. As most of the community is peaceful and wishes to avoid violence, they decided to out themselves instead of starting a potential war fought in the dark.

    – Males can shift into animals or methological creatures while females have magical powers, right?

    It depends on personality, and on your family tree. Briar comes from a long line of witches, so she was born with magical powers. Thomas' family, mainly the males, have all had shifter powers, so he was born with the ability to change into a dragon as well. However, it's not partial to gender. If Thomas and Briar were to have a baby *wink wink* the child would have an equal chance of developing shifter powers, magical powers, or both, regardless of whether it was a boy or a girl.

    – What about the stallion who took Briar and Thomas home?

    He's just a talking horse, not a shifter. A mouthy, whiny, loveable talking horse at that.

    – Who are Briar and Thomas? I want to know the personalities, past and maybe future of these two characters.

    You'll have to wait for that one, lol. If there's a demand to extend Briar's story I'll have to look into giving her and Thomas their own series 😉 But I've got a LONG list of books to write before then, so you never know. Make sure you join my VIP list to stay posted

    *Much Love*
    *Megan Linski*

  3. OMG those answers have just made the story even better, I’ll make sure to subscribe to your news letter so that I won’t miss anything.
    I still have a few books to read and review, but I have already made a self note: to check one of your books/series. Since a new series is going to be published, then I will go with this one. Till then I am sure I will have finished all the books I have to review, and I will read yours 🙂
    Thanks for the answers, Briar and Thomas’ world is fascinating 😍 I hope that one day you will write a whole series about it.
    Good luck with the new releases, I hope a lot of people will read them.

  4. Hi girls! Just to address your questions about covers, publishing companies often put what’s going to SELL on the covers, instead of what’s actually inside the book. Faces and people on covers is a big trend, so that’s why you see them all the time. They make money. I know of a book where a character has dark hair and they made the girl on the cover blonde, because it attracted more visitors! It’s about making it marketable.

    I found the cover for The Witch’s Curse before I wrote the mini-novella. I just looked at it and it inspired me to make a story about the girl on the cover! So it can happen that way too.

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