The only Mirror that can Reflect the Picture of your soul

I have been told to read.

I have been told to read so that I learn.

So that I learn more vocabulary, so that I pick up a writing style.

One simple reason to read: learn English.

I have also been told to read to learn more, about every thing.

About history, about politics and philosophy, about the cruelty of the world we are living in.

To know stories of people who matter, of people who made history, of people who are writing history, of people who are the present, and of people who will be the future.

I have been told to read to learn about all of this.

But why has no one ever told me that when I read, I learn about ME?!

Well, I thank all of those people who pushed me to read: my aunts for buying me books while I was little -they have eventualy switched to Hannah Montana’s Magazines when they knew that I was not doing that much reading; my mom for annoying me since day one at university to go and ask every single teacher to give me titles of books to read -I have not asked many of those teachers, though; and some of my teachers who kept and still insisting that we should read a lot while living among a society that unfortunately does not do much reading.

I also thank you for not informing me about the last sentence in my non-rhyming poem (is that even a poem?) because now I can add my little discovery to my list of personal achievements. Aahh! I feel smart🤓 and wise and a grown up (I do not really think my actions reflect that though 🙃)

So, let me explain to you “when I read, I learn about me”:

When facing a mirror, one can see their own reflection.

When facing a broken mirror, one can see little pieces of their reflection.

Imagine a broken mirror that reflects little pieces of your soul, little pieces of your thoughts, little pieces of who you are, little pieces of that one person who no one truly  knows, little pieces of that person that you do not even know yourself.

Those little pieces are passages, passages in books you read, in books you are reading, in books that you will read.

Have you ever asked yourself why no one in this world is perfect?

Because no one can read enough books to find all the passages that would make “him”.No one can ever read enough to be able to find and collect all the little pieces of the mirror that can be put together to reflect his soul, his mind, HIMSELF.

There will always be a part missing.

Now how big that part could be? It is up to you to decide. It is up to you to choose, to read or not to read? That’s the question.

Now, talking like this can make people who do not know me think:  This girl must have read a lot in her life to have the confidence to say all of this?

This same thing I am saying can make people who know me say: who the hell she thinks she is? She has read a dozen books in her intire life and she already thinks she is something big.

Here is what I say: no, I do not even know if I can be called a real reader yet. I do not even know if I am officially a bookworm. I know for sure that I am not an intelectual.

I am simply a twenty one year old girl (who looks and acts nothing like a twenty one year old gir, and I like that. I am not saying it in a negative way) who discovered reading a while ago.

All I have read so far are novels, and I still  find classics a bit complicated. I do not know who the hell is Gatsby (I know he is a character in one of Fitzgerald’s books. I have the paperback, and I read two chapters. As a result, I still have not made a proper aquintance with Mr gatsby yet); I do not know Emma either (it is the title of one of  Jane Austin’s novels, is the main character called Emma? I do not know, yet).

I do have a strong relationship with characters from the following books:


– The fault in our stars

-Paper Towns

-Me before you

-The glittering court



-A court of mist and fury

And other books, that I gave a 4 or 5 star review.

As I said, just novels, characters from the 21 century (and otherimaginary time zones).

Why do I not have a favourite book but many? Because, no book that has ever been written by a human being can have it all. All books, combined together, can have it “most”.

What is it so different about these YA, romance, fantesy, sci-fi books? Thinking of it now, not much reaaly.

Why are they so special to me? That is a whole different story.

In these books I found passages. Passages that do not have a very complicated literay meaning. Passages that would maybe not even have a meaning to some people, I’d rather say to most people.

Those passages are little mirrors tha reflect ME. I was so amazed,once,reading then thinking: wow! This is exactly what describes my thoughts, I have never really had words to describe it. Not even in my head, it was just a thought, a feeling, that today I am reading!

Another passage that made me think: I know this character, this is the twin I have never had.

Author passages that  made me think: if this character and the way s/he thinks were real, I would believe in this whole soulmate story, I would believe in the existence of unselfish people (other than mothers), I would do anything for this person.

I know I sound so dramataic, but these little passages, and these characters that do not even have a facial picture in my haid, showed me something. They did not teach me, it was already there, they have just translated it to words. Words that I can see, words that I understand. Words that mean: this is what I want, this is what I think, this is ME!

I keep collecting those little passages, and try to make a picture of me. A picture that the broken mirror would reflect if it was not broken.

Not to sound pathetic, not to sound lost, or depressed, or without a guide in this world; I have to make a point: I said no book that has ever been written by a human being can have it all, there is a book that has it all, a book that came from the skies called Al Quran. No human being will ever be perfect, becaus the only perfection in this world is God: Allah. No author will ever be a better teacher than Muhamed.

But, that does not mean we cannot look for lessons, advice, meanings of things by looking into other books, or asking other people. The exact and perfect answers have existed since the 7th century, we just have not been able to understand them all so far. Neverthless, human can exchange knowledge and help each other figure out things in different ways, as long as those ways do only good and no harm to the person himself and to people around him.

At the end, I must say that I know the last part looks maybe a little too personal, by writing it, I hope no one reading this will be offended. I respect all religions and I am sure that you’re as proud of your belief as I am of mine.

If you read: never stop, look for yourself and try to put together most of the pieces of your mirror.

If you do not: I really hope you have someone else helping you collecting your little pieces, but if you do not you can always start looking somewhere: in a book.

And remember, “Magic do not only exist in fantesy books, it exist in every other book” (you can quote me 😊)

X😘X😘   -Ines


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