Confess by Colleen Hoover Book Review [Spoiler Free]

Confess by Colleen Hoover Book Review [Spoiler Free]

I broke my last reading record when I clicked on one of Colleen Hoover’s books a few days ago. I usually read and finish one novel (of about 350 pages) during 48 hours, but when it came to Colleen Hoover’s; I finished them in less than 24 hours! Simply, because I  literally did not put down my  tablet once I started reading: I did not stop reading till my eyes close down alone at night, and the moment I woke up in the morning I turn on my iPad and start reading again.

If you had already read one of my not many reviews, then you had for sure noticed that I follow a pretty well organized structure when it comes to reviewing books (author’s name and publication date, spoiler free summary, and then likes and dislikes analysis) Confess threw my organization out of the window-I live on the 5th floor, I don’t really think I’ll ever be able to get it back. It just made my feelings after reading it so not clear that they are not allowing my mind to think properly.

Either you read or did not read the novel; this time you can read my whole review, no spoilers at all. It is impossible to mention what I liked or disliked, there are no (what I call) unnecessary parts, or chapters that are more important than others. To put that right, let’s just think of puzzles; there are two types of them: those who you give up on when you put 2/3 of their pieces together, because you already can see the result and it is not fun nor interesting to keep going. then there are those puzzles which you can see the beautiful result of, but your brain can’t process it till you put the last piece and stare at it for ten minutes. Confess is definitely the latter, Colleen Hoover has such an amazing style of mixing romance and mystery in one story. When I say mystery, it is not that kind that we all know:  there is something hidden and we keep collecting clues to find it, but when it comes to Hoover’s stories it goes as following: you are reading in peace, word after word, paragraph after paragraph, and then you jump from your bed just like a cat jumps when you run over its tail. Her plot twists are  so unpredictable and even if you think you figured it out, I can assure you that you did not. You just have to read it till you reach these two little words: the end.

Enough speaking of how one of my new favourite authors made me fall in love with her books, because those who did not read Confess deserve a short summary. It has all started with the protagonist Auburn who was about to lose her first love (Adam) because of cancer, and she was not even allowed to stay with him till his last day, because she was forced to say good bye a few days before Adam lost his life. The story begins and ends with the same scene but written from two different points of views; in other words, just like in movies:  where the same scene is shot from two different angles; when the camera turns, new details are discovered and the story is changed completely. Auburns’ first love story was short just like her lover’s life (he died at the age of sixteen). But, we read most of Auburns “new” story while she is at the age of twenty-one. when she moves to Dallas and passes by a studio (where an employee was needed), so she takes the job because she is in need of money. Owen is a painter and the owner of the studio; his paintings are inspired by anonymous confessions that people drop by his studio’s door. If you think that because I mentioned confessions you figured out what is the title about, then I am really sorry to tell you that Colleen Hoover never makes it that simple, DEEP is all what she does. The present is related to the past, the past is never really past, since the future is always depending on it. Everything is connected in Confess. I know I sound crazy, but the story is just insane, if I really have to explain all my feelings, then you would better grab a big philosophy book and start trying to understand the theories, I bet you’ll turn into Aristotle before you could figure out what I want to say.

You cannot read Confess and know about other people’s confessions without thinking of what you would write if you were ever to pass by Owen’s studio. I know they are supposed to be anonymous, but that’s okay if you know about it: “Confess made me cry at the end.”  I know this does not sound like a big confession, but I promise you it is. I did not cry rivers though, I think they were around three or four tears from my right eye, but it is really big for a girl who laughs while watching Titanic. When Rose says: Jaaahk, Jaaahk, I be like: your Jaaahk is nothing different from the chicken that is in our freezer, he is FROZEN, just let him goooo, let him goooo, you can’t hold him baaahk anymooore. I know what you are thinking, I know… but I have a heart, I really do: I cried during UP, THE BLIND SIDE, FREEDOM WRITERS, and THE LAST SONG. Speaking of the latter, it has not been a long time since I knew that the book was written by Nicholas Spark; the same author who wrote The Notebook (I have never watched more than 15 minutes from its movie adaptation.)

PS: If you read and liked CONFESS, check out HOPELESS and maybe LOSING HOPE.

PSS: All the confessions are from real people, and they send them to Colleen Hoover so that she could use them in her story.


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