NERVE by Jeanne Ryan Book Review [SPOILER FREE]

NERVE by Jeanne Ryan Book Review [SPOILER FREE]

Nerve-Movie-Wallpaper        To be honest, if I had not known that the movie was soon coming out, I do not think I would have read this book or even heard of it. But, I am glad I did, it was a very nice read. By nice, I mean I read a big part of it in the car, and it distracted me from my annoying siblings for almost three hours.

NERVE tells the story of Vee, a high scholar who was on her school’s drama team, not as the star of a play, but as a makeup artist; that means, all of her job was behind the scenes. While her mates, best friend and crush, were rehearsing on stage, together, as main actors.

Vee has always been known as the girl who plays it safe. Except for this one time when she decided to enter an online game called NERVE « which is basically a truth or dare, without the truth part. » This does not seem like a move that could be done by a good girl, like Vee was, but actions of a jealous girl can never be expected!

While Matthew (her crush and the star of the play) was backstage sitting next to her, an ad of a game popped up on her phone’s screen. After watching a girl doing her dare (it had to be filmed and put on NERVE’s website), Matthew said that Vee should try it, and then added that he knew she would never actually do it. Really Matthew? You should have kept your big mouth shut because you made her prove you wrong.

With a little push up from Matthew -and his big mouth- and her, knowing that Sydney (the best friend and star of the play) has always wanted to try to enter NERVE, and all those incredible prices that the website advertised, Vee has decided to finally go for it.
If you find such a thing as NERVE online, do not even think of checking the ad; do not say I did not warn you! Yes, you will be famous. Yes, you will end up having a lot of stuff that you have always wanted to own. Yes, your life will change, but not as you think: it will not change to the best, this, my friend, I can guarantee you.

I do not have to tell you that Vee kept taking dare after dare, because if she did not, there would not have been a novel duuh! But some were because of anger, some because of the prices, others to fix the mistakes of her previous dares.

With a rate of 3 stars on Goodreads, and thinking that if only a couple of things were more clarified by the author, I could easily give it a four, if not a five. I cannot just stop here, but I will write a full analysis explaining what I liked and disliked. Those who read NERVE can check out my analysis/review with spoilers and those who have not yet can check it out later (unless you do not mind spoilers!).


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