How to start with reading books

How can I start reading books?
The first question that someone who wants to start reading ask himself/herself.
But unfortunately it is not as easy as it appears to be, because starting with the wrong book might make you hate reading and give up. So, how can I choose my first book?
If you asked yourself this question quite a little time now, you are probably now a bookworm in love with some fictional character.
However, if you have just asked yourself this question, then you are already on the right track. It also means that you have the WILL to read, which is the key to enter the world of book lovers.
To answer that question you need to have a conversation with yourself (just a little piece of advice: do not talk to yourself aloud, because your family members would think that you are crazy. Trust me, enjoy the little time you still have as a sane person, because you will soon be crying over some fictional character. At that moment, there will be no turning back. You will forever have “insane” tattooed on your forehead. You won’t see it but everyone else will.
OMG, did I scare you? Wait, wait, do not close this web page. Reading is amazing, it worths it. Do not go 😢)
For those brave people who decided to keep reading , here is how to find the answer:
o Think of what genre you would enjoy reading: romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery… (google these terms if you are not really sure what they exactly mean)
If you still cannot decide, then think of:
o The movies you like to watch.
You will be astonished by the number of movies that were originally books. In other words, if you like:
-Harry Potter then you will enjoy fantasy books, I also advise you to read the Harry Potter books. The movies are great, but the books are more detailed.
-The Fault in our Stars: then YA (young adult) romance is the right genre for you. You can read the book (yes! The Fault in our Stars was written by John Green). I also recommend for you Me Before you by Jojo Moyes and Confess by Colleen Hoover.
-The Hunger Games and The maze runner are two of your favourite movies? Then science fiction, dystopia will be your thing. Try to read the series of books, or read Delirium by Lauren Oliver And Pivot point by kasie West
-Do you enjoy watching Sherlock Holmes movies? Then try the books. Agatha Christie’s books will work just perfect for you. Here the genre is Mystery.
-NCIS, CSI, Hawaï 5.0, Resoly and Isles… Are some series that you love watching. Then mystery, thriller were made for you. I do not have titles of books that were written from the point of view of a police officer or a member of the FBI. But, everyone have been talking about Gone Girl and The Girl on the train (written from the point of view of NOT A POLICE OFFICER ). I have not read them but they seem to be good thrillers. (I am currently reading The Husband by Dean Koontz and it is great).
-If you enjoy horror films, then I am the wrong person to ask. I have ZERO knowledge in both the movies and books departments. Here you are on your own.
I am sure that the last sentence have made you think: where can I find titles of books that I would enjoy reading? The answer is social media and books apps:
o GOODREADS: this is like wikipedia of books, facebook of book lovers, it is THE book community. You can find any book title you are looking for, read the synopsis, and check what people say about it. It also lists the best books of the year, the most read of the week, month and year. It suggests books to you depending on what you like and what you have read (after you start being a bit active on the website). And it also lists some random suggestions of books by genre which can be very useful once you have understood the answer to the first question.
For more details, youtube should be your best friend from now on. Here is a video that explains every thing about Goodreads. Speaking of youtube
o YOUTUBE: I do not need to explain what is youtube for you. But have you known that it contains other videos than 20 funny kittens for cat lovers, Rihanna’s music, and some Disney series. Well, it can be heaven for a book lover if he/she knows what to look for. There are plenty of people (booktubers) who post videos talking about a book or several books that they have read. They give a summary of the story and their opinion. Those videos are amazing because:
1- You do not have to read long articles about the book, its author, the publishing house… On google or Wiki.
2- When the reader is talking so dramatically (book lovers are dramatic), you kind of get excited to know more about the book. Therefore, you read it.
3- You do not have to watch them, just play the video and do something else like clean up your room. When you finish cleaning, you just sit, download the book, and then read it. No need to spend the whole afternoon looking for a book that you’d like to read, because you did it in the morning while cleaning up🤓🎉👌
4- If you are not a native speaker of English (like me), then videos made by native speakers of English can teach you a lot. They also help you acquire better listening skills.
o INSTAGRAM: I particularly prefer this social media platform. By typing any hashtag that comes into your mind, thousands of pictures pop up on your screen. Try #Bookstagram and you will see what I mean. And seeing pictures is 10 better than reading a long post on Facebook or a tweet on twitter. Plus, you can comment on the picture and ask about the book, you do not have to have the person on your friends’ (rather, followers) list to be able to comment on his/her pictures.
Facebook is also great for its pages, but most of them do not reply to messages and comments (it drives me crazy); and I am sure that if you are a big user of Twitter you will be able to find a lot of book lovers there. But,since I am not active there I do not have many tips to give you. Anyways, choose the social media platform that you prefer and look for people, pages, or groups with the theme of BOOKS.
o Blogs: there are plenty of blogs about books out there, if you are already a blogger (fashion, technology, entertainment), or are used to subscribe to blogs; then you know how it works. Just look for those with the theme of BOOKS. If you have never been in the blogging community, it can be a bit more confusing for you. I will soon write a blog post about that, because I need to explain a few things. Meanwhile, stick to Youtube and social media; they are great.
o LIBRARIES and BOOKSTORES: if you live in a place where there are many libraries and bookstores, then I advise you to go there from a time to another and check out what kind of books they have. You can find people buying books, they will certainly suggest a few titles. you can ask the librarian or the seller what people of your age usually borrow or buy. However, if you live in a place were reading is not a very common hobby; your phone, tablet, and PC should from now on be your best friends when it comes to reading and finding books.
Now I can tell you welcome to the book community. Hopefully, my post will be helpful, and it won’t take you a long time to spot a first book to thumb through after reading My tips.
For more pieces of advice, and to know how you can go from 0 book to more than 18 per year (the average number of books that an american reads every year) Click here

I really wish to see what is your first book choice. So, you can either come back here and comment.
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Take care.
-Ines 🙅😘🙅😘

My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga Book Review

My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga Book Review.

My Heart and Other Black Holes?! 

This novel tells the story of Aysel (Uh-zell) Seran. A 16 year old girl who suffers from depression and has suicidal thoughts. Since her father had killed a teenager who used to go to her school, Aysel has started to sink in a world of darkness and sadness, thinking that maybe one day she would turn out to be just like him. To solve this problem, she found one  solution: she will never live till that day. No matter how many times she tried to think of the fastest and easiest way to end her life, she was never sure about it. Moreover, she was never sure of being that brave; she simply could not do it alone. So, she started checking this website that allows people to find suicide partners, with whom they could plan the way to end their lives. It was not very long till a publication popped up on her computer screen;  Frozenrobot was the one: a teenager living near and wants to do it in less than a month. Together they make a perfect suicide squad ( This was never mentioned in the book, I just want to act cool and use the famous movie title since everyone has been talking about it). Will they do it, how, and where? To know the answers, you will have to read My Heart and Other Black Holes. 

My thoughts about this book

The topic it discusses is very serious and important, but I did not like the story . There are no bad books, it is just that you are either able to connect with the characters or not. I really wanted to understand what were both Roman and Aysel going through, but unfortunately I could not. Even though I do not believe that suicide can ever be a solution to any kind of problem, but during reading this YA novel I have not for once tried to judge the characters: I have never been in their situations, so I do not really think that I have the right to open my mouth and say anything.

Anyways, there was one thing that I really liked: at the end of the book the author mentioned some places that people who feel what the main characters of My Heart and Other Black Holes felt could call or visit. And, I really hope from the bottom of my heart that this book would be able to help many people who are sad and hopeless.

Like they say: « No two people ever read the same book. » not because I am not giving that good of a feedback, that means this book is not good and I am not recommending it. Especially, those who liked All the Bright Places, I think you will like Jasmine Warga’s book; those who enjoy YA, you might also enjoy reading this novel; and those who have a friend or a family member who is suffering from depresion, MHAOBH might help you with understanding their situation, and maybe help them to find a little light somewhere despite the darkness they are living in.

The following part might contain spoilers, those who did not read My Heart and Other Black Holes might prefer to stop reading. Do not forget to come back and leave a comment if you ever read it 😃 take care 😘

So, why have I not Liked this novel? 

I usually enjoy YA, but when it comes to themes like suicide or divorce I always try to find some psychological explanation between the lines. I guess for that I wil have to read some books that are written for an older audience, but books with mature and adult characters can be a bit boring sometimes 😢 haa, I bet you can see that I am not that mature either, I just like to use « forever young » as an excuse 😉

« The LOVE between two teenagers saved them » is so not new, maybe I would have enjoyed the story more if the two characters were just friends. Maybe if Roman was also a girl. I do not really know, this story felt like a deja vus, cheasy, cliché kind of story to me.

I guess I do not have anything else to add. I will just tell you: thank you for reading my review, please leave a comment if you have already read My Heart and Other Black Holes. I would really like to know what you thought of it. Take care and read books. 😘🤓

The Taken by Casey Kelleher Book Review 

The Taken by Casey Kelleher Book Review.

The taken!? 

The Taken tells the story of Lena Cona. An Albanian young girl whose dreams have been taken away from her in a single moment, because she lived among people with a different way of thinking and living. As Casey Kelleher said in the prologue:

Strong-willed. Defiant. Unlike most of other girls in her class who had left school at the age of twelve or thirteen due to the pressure that their families had bestowed on them, Lena had refused to follow suit, insisting on completing her education. Why should she be penalised just for being born female? Why should she submit to a life doing what was expected of her? […] Lena had loved that idea. Travelling the world, working as a teacher or translator. […] She didn’t want to be stuck here in Albania as just somebody’s wife, or sombody’s mother.

But unfortunately, Lena had been kidnapped by Ramiz; who forced her to be his wife, the mother of his child, and the key to escape his fate: death. In order not to spoil the whole story, I can only tell you that Lena had remained strong (as possible, there were moments when  giving up to Ramiz  and his mom was her only option), it has never been easy, but she fought as hard as she could. Now, the question is: Will Lena be able to get her old life back? Or will she live in fear and under Ramiz’s control and mercy for the rest of her life; just because as a female and teenager, she could never exceed her husband’s physical strength? The answer is in The Taken, READ IT! 

Actually, what is even more exciting is that this novel does not only contain one story, but THREE: Lena’s, Colin’s and Saskia’s. Reading towards the end, these three stories start to connect and become one.

So, who is this Colin? He’s psychopath, he had a difficult childhood, he was accused of killing his baby sister, his father left their home a long time ago, and his mother is a crazy alcoholic! Dangerous combination, right? And to make it even worse, I have to tell you that he works at a graveyard. Haaa did I scare you? Colin Jefferson is a mysterious and a scary freak, again READ THE TAKEN to know everything about him.

Saskia Frost seems like the lucky character of the story. Living in London, and going to a ballet dance school. Wow modern teen, living in a country of freedom. I could hate her, but only for a minute. Because, after that I felt sorry for her, and after that I loved her. This might be weird, but she had so much in common with Lena. Overnight, Saskia had lost every thing, her dad, her home, her scholarship (she did not really care about the latter, though). How did all of that happen? When her dad died of a sudden heart attack and went to join her mother up in the sky, a man with the name of Vincent Harper went to her house and told her that she could no longer live there, the house did not belong to her anymore. It became his brother’s Joshua, who owed money to Saskia’s father. In order to pay this dept, Saskia decided to take the 1st job she could find. Talking to Joshua Harper, he tricked her to dance in his club. He thought that she could never do that; as a result, he could make her his little toy for a moment, have fun, and then take her house. But guess what? Saskia could play this little game too! What will she do in order to get her house back? What will the Harper’s put her through? Read The Taken.

I know I started to become annoying with my read The taken, but at least add it to your TBR if you think that this genre suits your reading taste.

What did I like about The taken? 

  • The sitting: Albania was a nice new country to know about. Paris and London: in most books; these two capital cities are a symbole of romance, love, dreams, and freedom. But, in The Taken we read about their dark sides. Even though you might not believe what you read, because you just want to keep this beautiful picture of the city of light and the fog city. But, Casey Kelleher had written about fictional chracters and not fictional places.
  • The point of view: most of the novels I read are written in a first person with a chapter by chapter for the characters (I do not really know how they call that in litterature, but let me give you an example: The Taken could have been written like this: a chapter for Lena, where she’d be the one narrating, then a chapter for Saskia, then another for Collin, again one for Lena…) but in The Taken it felt like I was standing in a balcony and watching these characters with my own eyes and hearing their thoughts, not like with the 1st person narrative, you live the story through one charcter’s eyes, and you only hear this character’s thoughts. As a result, while reading this I felt like I was able to understand each character well; I was not really left with many questions at the end of the story.
  • The strong female characters: Hell yeaaaah for GIRLS POWER! I was really touched by the stories of Lena and Saskia, and I really connected with them. I know that many many females are going through similar circumstances as Lena and Saskia all around the world, and I cannot blame those who eventually give up their fights, and I truly respect those who keep resisting. Let me tell you why I really appreciate this story: first, it did not show the free and strong female who can do whatever she wants just because she was lucky to be born in a developed and strong country, while the one  living in a less developed country is struggling with having the least normal life. The Taken showed an example of two similar girls, though with different problems and living in two different worlds, they are going through the same hell. Second, I am sure that if you read this novel you will totally agree with me that Saskia and Lena are strong females, but the strong female thing is currently à la mode. So, why was I really touched with this particular story? Let’s take the « Boss » female who studied hard at college and made her own way to the top challenging everyone who told her she cannot do it for several reasons (not only IT IS A MEN’s WORLD  problem, I do not want to sound sexist), she surly is a strong girl and I totally respect her. Now, let’s think of those females who are forced to live a « certain » life that they do not want, just because they live in some place that have a  wrong definition to the word « female », and whenever they try to do something different, something that they want to do, something that is not against religion or reason or any thing, something that can really be beneficial for them and for people around them; they are called with vulgar names and treated like they are not human beings (they get beaten, locked up, tortured…) but they eventually do what they dream of doing. These are idols and heroines. And , I think that especially Lena, can be considered as a heroine.
  • The title: simple, mysterious, and has a great meaning. I am  sure that it is about Lena since she was the one to be TAKEN. But, it can  be applied to both Saskia and Colin as well: Saskia had her dad, house, scholarship, normal life TAKEN away from her; Colin had his childhood, a normal mom, at the end his life TAKEN away from him!

What did I not Like about The Taken? 

Not much acually, I just had a little problem with:

The cover: I have a problem with all covers that show a face. For me the ideal cover would have some mysterious drowings mixed together, for example: a baby (Roza), some blood, a sea, a boat, a gaveyard, dolls, alcohol, drugs, a dancing pole, the jungle, the Effel tower, Big Ben … Since I am no book cover designer, I do not really know if all of these things can be put together as one picture, but if you read the novel you will be able to understand what I mean. I really like covers that seem like a big mess but while reading the story you start to understand why a certain drawing was put on the cover, they are like clues to stuff that are inside of the book. (I am weird I know🙃)

  • Joshua and Vincent’s cousin (I do not remember his name): I know that that part was crucial, since that’s when two stories started to connect. But, at that stage of the story, I really was not interested in being introduced to a new character, I would have prefered to read Misty’s thoughts rather then the drunk cousin’s
  • Colin: all of what the author wrote about Colin had to be written in order for the reader to understand the whole novel and the individual story of this particular character. But, he really bore me during most of his chapters, he only became interesting to me at the end. Before that, I was more into Lena’s and Saskia’s stories.

I wish…  [spoiler alert, do not read this part] 

There were mini-novellas about some characters.

I understand that the big problems where solved (Tarik was dead, Lena went back home, Saskia did not want her home any longer, it meant nothing anymore…) However, I really want to know if Lena would fnish her studies, will she be able to persue her dreams and take her family with her wherever she would go.

What will happen to Saskia, will she go back to school (any school, not precisely the ballet school)? Where will she live? What will she do for a living?

Will the Harpers be caught and put in jail? If yes what will happen to Misty? If no, what will be their new business? Will misty forever work for them?

Korab: will he live like the rest of the poor people in the jungle? Will he just go back to his family? Will he be able to save enough money to start his own business? I would also love to know a few details about his cousin: what will happen to his pub when someone discovers that Ramiz was killed in one of the rooms?

To conclude, I would like to tell you that there is no better feeling than someone telling me that they read a certain story because of a review that I wrote, so if you ever read The Taken, please make sure to come back and leave a comment with what you thought of the book. I would love to fangirl about it with you.

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Aldiko for providing me with the free ebook.

Thank you for reading my post. Take care and read books 😘🤓

The Witch’s Curse by Megan Linski Review

Mini Novella Review <The Witch’s Curse by Megan Linski> 

What can I say? 

Megan Linski, please write a freaking The Witch’s Curse series. 5 chapters are not enough for me. 

This is my very first time reading a mini-novella and I can tell you that it is a torture, especially if the story is as good as The Witch’s Curse. It is like watching a very exciting movie trailer while you know that the movie will never be on Tv or anywhere else (do not even think about Netflex). Nevertheless, I have enjoyed reading it. I think it would be perfect for someone who wants a quick read in the afternoon, or someone taking the bus somewhere not that far…

I cannot write a summary for this mini-novella; it is already short. But, I can tell you that it is about a young witch with the name of Briar. She witnessed the murder of a girl (another witch) by some witch hunters. She was about to become a second victim to those monsters if Thomas (her boyfriend) has not appeared and shifted into a dragon in the perfect timing. Saved from the witch hunters, Briar decides to save her town and make sure that no one would encounter a similar fate of that girl’s she found dead in the woods. How is she going to do that? You need to read the mini-novella. This is a spoiler free review, do not expect answers from me. 

I have not read many fantasy stories, but I am sure those who like this genre would enjoy this mini-novella. Fans of A Court of Thornes and Roses would have the same reaction as me: Megan Linski, we want to know more. 

What do I want to know more about?

The history of the the town (Thorny Brook).

The time they are living in. 

Why did wizards and witches decide to reveal their true identity to the human world? 

Males can shift into animals or methological creatures while females have magical powers, right? 

Who are Briar and Thomas? I want to know the personalities, past and maybe future of these two characters.

What did I like about The Witch’s Curse?  (Check out the comments, Megan Linski herself answered my questions 😃)

I enjoyed the whole story, but there were a few details that has drown my attention and made the whole thing even better.

The strong female lead.

The spells that are like songs or poetry (I do not know, they rhyme and I  have just enjoyed reading them out loud.)

Talking animals, it reminded me of animals in disney movies. By the way, the stallion who took Briar and Thomas home, was just a talking stallion or a man who could shift into a stallion and take adventage of his second shape to make a living (by taking people to the distinations they want to go to)? 

What Did I not like that much? 

Just the cover: I have a problem with covers that show FACES. The dragons in the back are perfect; I would have love d to see a mixture of Purple and white (the colours of Briar’s powers), a cauldron, the witch hunters’ masks… Too bad I am not that good with designs and photoshop, or I would have made a personals cover just for me 😊 

( NEW INFORMATION: Megan Linski wrote the mini novella based on the cover, the gorl on the cover inspired her and she wrote a story about her, you can say that she gave her a life. OMG, now I freaking love the cover.

Make sure to come back and tell me what you think of Megan Linski’s mini-novella if you read it. It is always a pleasure to read comments and fangirl about books.

A big thank you to Instafeebie for providing me with an e-copy of The Witch’s Curse. 

The only Mirror that can Reflect the Picture of your soul

I have been told to read. 

I have been told to read so that I learn. 

So that I learn more vocabulary, so that I pick up a writing style.

One simple reason to read: learn English.

I have also been told to read to learn more, about every thing. 

About history, about politics and ghilosophy, about the cruality of this world we are living in.

To know stories of people who matter, of people who made history, of people who are writing history, of people who are the present, and of people who will be the future.

I have been told to read to learn about all of this.

But why has no one ever told me that when I read, I learn about ME?! 

Well, I thank all of those people who pushed me to read: my aunts for buying me books while I was little -they have eventualy switched to Hannah Montana’s Magazines when they knew that I was not doing that much reading; my mom for annoying me since day one at university to go and ask every single teacher to give me titles of books to read -I have not asked many of those teachers, though; and some of my teachers who kept and still insisting that we should read a lot while living among a society that unfortunately does not do much reading.

I also thank you for not informing me about the last sentence in my non-rhyming poem (is that even a poem?) because now I can add my little discovery to my list of personal achievements. Aahh! I feel smart🤓 and wise and a grown up (I do not really think my actions reflect that though 🙃) 

So, let me explain to you « when I read, I learn about me »: 

When facing a mirror, one can see his own reflection. 

When facing a broken mirror, one can see little pieces of his reflection.

Imagine a broken mirror that reflects little pieces of your soul, little pieces of your thoughts, little pieces of who you are, little pieces of that one person who no one truly  knows, little pieces of that person that you do not even know yourself.

Those little pieces are passages, passages in books you read, in books you are reading, in books that you will read. 

Have you ever asked yourself why no one in this world is perfect? 

Because no one can read enough books to find all the passages that would make « him ».No one can ever read enough to be able to find and collect all the little pieces of the mirror that can be put together to reflect his soul, his mind, HIMSELF. 

There will always be a part missing. 

Now how big that part could be? It is up to you to decide. It is up to you to choose, to read or not to read? That’s the question.

Now, talking like this can make people who do not know me think:  This girl must have read a lot in her life to have the confidence to say all of this? 

This same thing I am saying can make people who know me say: who the hell she thinks she is? She has read a dozen books in her intire life and she already thinks she is something big.

Here is what I say: no, I do not even know if I can be called a real reader yet. I do not even know if I am officially a bookworm. I know for sure that I am not an intelectual. 

I am simply a twenty one year old girl (who looks and acts nothing like a twenty one year old gir, and I like that. I am not saying it in a negative way) who discovered reading a while ago.

All I have read so far are novels, and I still  find classics a bit complicated. I do not know who the hell is Gatsby (I know he is a character in one of Fitzgerald’s books. I have the paperback, and I read two chapters. As a result, I still have not made a proper aquintance with Mr gatsby yet); I do not know Emma either (it is the title of one of  Jane Austin’s novels, is the main character called Emma? I do not know, yet).

I do have a strong relationship with characters from the following books: 


– The fault in our stars

-Paper Towns 

-Me before you

-The glittering court



-A court of mist and fury

And other books, that I gave a 4 or 5 star review. 

As I said, just novels, characters from the 21 century (and otherimaginary time zones). 

Why do I not have a favourite book but many? Because, no book that has ever been written by a human being can have it all. All books, combined together, can have it « most ».

What is it so different about these YA, romance, fantesy, sci-fi books? Thinking of it now, not much reaaly. 

Why are they so special to me? That is a whole different story. 

In these books I found passages. Passages that do not have a very complicated literay meaning. Passages that would maybe not even have a meaning to some people, I’d rather say to most people. 

Those passages are little mirrors tha reflect ME. I was so amazed,once,reading then thinking: wow! This is exactly what describes my thoughts, I have never really had words to describe it. Not even in my head, it was just a thought, a feeling, that today I am reading! 

Another passage that made me think: I know this character, this is the twin I have never had.

Author passages that  made me think: if this character and the way s/he thinks were real, I would believe in this whole soulmate story, I would believe in the existence of unselfish people (other than mothers), I would do anything for this person. 

I know I sound so dramataic, but these little passages, and these characters that do not even have a facial picture in my haid, showed me something. They did not teach me, it was already there, they have just translated it to words. Words that I can see, words that I understand. Words that mean: this is what I want, this is what I think, this is ME!  

I keep collecting those little passages, and try to make a picture of me. A picture that the broken mirror would reflect if it was not broken. 

Not to sound pathetic, not to sound lost, or depressed, or without a guide in this world; I have to make a point: I said no book that has ever been written by a human being can have it all, there is a book that has it all, a book that came from the skies called Al Quran. No human being will ever be perfect, becaus the only perfection in this world is God: Allah. No author will ever be a better teacher than Muhamed. 

But, that does not mean we cannot look for lessons, advice, meanings of things by looking into other books, or asking other people. The exact and perfect answers have existed since the 7th century, we just have not been able to understand them all so far. Neverthless, human can exchange knowledge and help each other figure out things in different ways, as long as those ways do only good and no harm to the person himself and to people around him.

At the end, I must say that I know the last part looks maybe a little too personal, by writing it, I hope no one reading this will be offended. I respect all religions and I am sure that you’re as proud of your belief as I am of mine.

If you read: never stop, look for yourself and try to put together most of the pieces of your mirror.

If you do not: I really hope you have someone else helping you collecting your little pieces, but if you do not you can always start looking somewhere: in a book.

And remember, « Magic do not only exist in fantesy books, it exist in every other book » (you can quote me 😊) 

                                                                                                                    X😘X😘   -Ines    

How can I read more Books?  

How can I read more books? Is a question that book lovers keep constantly asking themselves. Especially if one has a record of unfinished book challenges 😢 

Do not worry, I am here for you. And, I have 8 amazing tips that would make you read more books than you’ve ever had. 

The tips that I will be listing down below will 100% work. I am not going to say I tried some of them, because I did not. I MADE THOSE TIPS; I worked by them even when I did not know I was doing so. So, before they became a list of simple pieces of advice on a blog post; they were the result of a succesful reading challenge finished in half the time it was supposed to take. 

Not to brag or anything (maybe just a little 😜), I went from 0 books per year ( since I can’t remember till 2014) to 30 books in 6 months this year!! I know, I am surprised too; I was supposed to read that number in 12 months. 

So, here is what I did, and what you can also do:

1- Surround yourself with books

Try to make a little place on your shelves for books (buy one that seems interesting from time to another -even if you know you won’t be reading it instantly- and put it on your shelf. Before you’ll know it, books will take over all of your shelves) so when you’re in your room doing nothing but staring at walls, a book might grab your attention. Just bring it and start reading, and no one will see you or hear from you during the 10 hours that follow.

Paperbacks might be too expensive, or you might not find the ones you want (believe me I know the struggle). Surrounding yourself with books can be done in an ELECTRONIC way: DOWNLOAD BOOKS and make a huge library on your phone/tablet (you’ll know why and how -to find nice books- later, just keep reading).

2- Surround yourself with people who love to read

Join book clubs at your school or local library (if possible), and keep in touch with them on social media. Someone will always post about a book that might become your next favourite book of all times. 

Meeting people and book lovers does not have to always be in real life; it can also be on social media.

Facebook: Subscribe to pages about books, follow or add accounts that constantly post about books (whose owner is an active member in the book community). 

Instagram: Follow bookstagrams (Instagram accounts that post pictures of books and write short reviews about them).THEY ARE AMAZING!

Youtube: Subscribe to booktubes (channels about books), you will never miss any news about the latest books and movies adaptations. 

Social media helped me a lot; every time I see or read about a nice book, I download it right away and keep it in my iPad’s library (the answer to the how, tip #1). I NEVER KNOW WHEN I’LL NEED TO READ IT. 

PS: Do not say, I will download it later, because you’ll either forget about the title and it is never easy to find a post on social media when your 999 followers are are posting 87 post per minute. Or, you just be like: books are going no where, I’ll find another book to download later<= this is why you’ll never have a bookworm’s electronic library, and you’ll never find what to read when you want to read.

3- Join book challenges

I know that my post seems to be about « how to finish your book challenge », since I have already talked a bit about that in the introduction, but I have to explain this to readers who have never joined one, and give a few pieces of advice to those who already have. 

Book challenege: is the a number of books that you have to read in a specific period of time. 

You can set your book challenge just by mentally telling yourself: okay, lazyass, you have to read 12 books in the next 4 months. And you need to start this afternoon… Aaah maybe tomorrow, this afternoon you have to go get that bag you saw last week in the boutique. 

The next time you’ll remember your challenge is when you need a new bag. 

So, my favourite website/app to keep on track with my reading challenge is GOODREADS: you set up your challenge at the beginning of the year, and it will constantly tell you if you’re ahead or behind, and how many books you need to read to get back on track if you’re behind. 

You can also join groups on facebook in which the members put a number of books to be read in a period of time. What is great about these kind of groups is that everyone finishes a book in a different day, as a result; readers (helps with tip #2) will post about some book every day ,and that will help you to find new books to download (help with tip #1), and will remind you all the time that you have a challenge to accomplish. 

But, before you join these kind of  groups make sure to: 

-Never do the math of: I have to read 24 books in 12 months, that would make 2 books each month. And then you’ll be having exams in December, reading slumps in November and February, trips during spring, family to visit sometimes during summer… (As busy as a business woman/man) and when you miss a couple of months you’ll be like: this is impossible, I will never be able to finish this freaking challenge, I QUIT. 

But, reading depends on the mood: you can read 0 book this month and 10 next month. That is why  I am telling you not to do the math, and not to force yourself to read.

– Choose a group with a good period of time for their challenge: just like for the problem of math, if the period of the challenge is very short, you might not be able to make up for those times when you have not read much. That would make you feel frustrated and you’ll never join a challenge again. Try to find a challenge that goes for 6 or 8 months at least, because during that period you will have some breaks and holidays in which you can do some catch up on your reading.

4-  Read books that will soon be turned into movies

Scrolling through Facebook the other day, I have seen a picture saying: » How to know if a person has read the book before seeing the movie? They will tell you, they will fucking tell you » 

I laughed so hard, of course I’ll tell you if I read the book. Why? To scare the shit out of you and pretend that I will spoil what is happening in the next scene. 

Adding to your TBR books that are going to be turned into movies is a great way to read more, especially if the lead is going to be one of your favourite actresses or actors. This way, you can review both the movie and the book later. And, you can have fun looking at your friends’ faces while you pretend you’re about to spoil the whole movie.

5- Link reading with another activity that you like to do

Since I am majoring in English, I obviously read to learn more vocabulary and write better. But, I never enjoy a book if it is a homework. School always ruins all the fun. 

So, as a motive to read and learn more, I decided to mix between reading and facebooking (the act of doing nothing all day but scroling through a home page full of posts that make people argue if a dress is blue or golden. C’mon it was freaking black and white!) 

That is how I created Algerian Book Readers (along with some awesome admins who became my favourite online friends) to find more readers in my country, we exchange pieces of writing and suggest books to each other… (Helps with tip #1 and #2)

Blogging is also a good and fun activity to do, but write about what? Write about books you read. People reacting to your posts is a great way to stay motivated, and you’ll want to read more books so that you can blog more ,that’s how you become a faster reader and a better writer.

If you’re a fan of twitter, instagram, tumbler or youtube; you can create an account/blog/channel with the theme of reading and books. (It will help a lot with tips #1 and#2) 

6-Never leave the house without a book

Even if you have a busy day and you do not think you’ll have time to read, take a book or your e-reader with you whenever you’re going to school. Maybe some teacher will be absent and you’ll have some free time to read, maybe you’ll see someone annoying getting on the same bus as you so you’ll grab your book and pretend to read (believe me, you won’t be pretending for a long time. You’ll even wish the road was longer so that you could read another chapter). 

7- Do not give up on reading because of a bad book or two.

There are times when you’re like: have all good books disappeared from planet earth?    

Just give the book you’re reading a chance, some books just do not have a very good start. but, if you really don’t like it after four or five chapters then you do not have to force yourself to read it. Just start with another book.

8- Try to surfe less on the NET

I have noticed that when my network subscribtion ends and I do not pay it right away, I tend to read A LOT MORE during those few NET-free days.

So, if you do not really need a network connection for school or work, do not pay it.Take some rest from social media and read. It is super fun, I promise.
At the end, I must tell you that how much you learn from what you read is way more important than how many books you read. Make good book choices ( for example: Kim Kardashian’s book is not really a book that needs to be on your list 😛). 

If you have any good tips to share with me, I will be more than happy to read them. Comment below.

If you’re looking for reading partners you can always leave the link to one of your social media accounts, also down below. 

If you have a blog, bookstagram, booktube… Leave the link to it in a cooment, and if you want help to start one, just ask for it. 

Make sure to share this post with your friends, if you liked it (I know, I know. A lot of ifs, but I am done, I swear 😆). 

                                                                                                          X😘X😘  -Ines

After you (Me Before you #2) by Jojo Moyes Book Review

After you (Me Before you #2) By Jojo Moyes Book Review.

After you “The long awaited sequel to Me Before you”, says the version of the cover  I have. It was really a long time to wait, for those who read the first book back in 2009, since the second one came out in 2015. I just hope that they did not feel deceived, because Me Before you had set the bar pretty high. The sequel was such a good read, but still, I preferred the first book.

Attention to those who have not read the ME BEFORE YOU and are reading this: even the NON SPOILER part contains spoilers from the first book.

After you continues telling Louisa’s story a few months after Will’s death: just when she went back to the UK and started a new life that she did not really ask for. Money was not a problem, since Will left her enough to travel and then to find a place of her own. But, it could never heal the scars left on her heart. Without being her old self, and has not even known her new one, what will happen to Lou?

Louis knew she could not go back to her home town: she could not bear the memories, nor stand the stares and low murmures of people talking about her every time she walked in the streets; plus she no longer could live in her parent’s house. She might not have known her « new » self well, but she was sure to never go back to the old one, that means; she had to start living like a twenty-seven-year-old women, and going back to live with her family was not even an option anymore.




Lily Traynor appearing at Louisa’s door was definitely a surprise that I did not see coming (yes, I jumped when I read: « I need to talk to you about my father […] His name is Will Traynor. ») The story would not have been the same without this character; however, her, always being in trouble was a bit annoying at the end, and I did not really care about what she did, or did not.

It was obvious from the beginning that Lou was going to fall in love with someone new, but the way she met Sam and how they were attracted to each other was WEIRD in a  beautiful way . The part where Sam helped Lily to get her phone back from her abuser made me feel butterflies in my stomach, but I laughed so hard on how they played the man. Also, the part where Sam was hurt ,and Louisa did all of her possible to save him, she was again put in the position of trying to save someone’s life -she could not do it with Will, but she did it with Sam, she finally could save a life- I think that is when she truly realized that she loved Sam more than anyone else.

In the first book, Louisa talked a lot about her family; she was so attached to them, that is not something that we read in every book, and it was just so beautiful. In the second book, her family was present again, but reading about her parents’ problems again and again and again was a bit annoying to me, Louisa who is the main character was not even involved in that, so I really did not understand why I had to read about that, and I did not understand why they needed to change by the end of the book. Some characters were just fine.

Throughout the whole series, we have seen a big change in not only one character. And for that I have to give a high five to the brilliant author because she did a great job (even though the change in Louisa’s mom character was not necessary); she has definitely made me connect with several of them. Me Before you series is one of my favourite reads of 2016, I know we are only half way through the year, but nothing would change my mind about those two books.